Episode 11 - Questions with Lulu and More

Dixie and Annie answer listener questions with Lucie before she heads back to college. Lucie chimes in with her young designer perspective as they dish about easy design tricks, cocktails and more.

Show Notes!

Annie’s new read by Scott Schrader

Decorative Pot Fill- your alternative to moss!
Black beans
Oystering shells - available on Etsy
Black eyed peas

Lesser Evil Popcorn (Dixie buys this in bulk!)

Annie's Yum Yum Mai Tai Cocktail
just do proportions you like:) Perrier cuts the sweetness of doing too much coconut and pineapple juice!

Pineapple juice
Cream of Coconut
Lime Perrier
Fresh lime
Dark rum
Big spear of fresh pineapple
Mint sprig
Lime wedge -hangin’ off a cute cup we hope:)

Dixie Stark