Episode 15 - All Things Paper

Dixie and Annie dish about their mutual paper obsession. From wallpaper, to stationery, to wrapping paper, they can’t get enough of paper pretties!

Show Notes!

These are just a few of our favorite pens and papers that you, too, will love.

Le pen - they come in tons of colors!
Kaweco pen, sport roller ball - Dixie loves the black, of course.
Rifle paper for cute notebooks and such.
Fringe Studio for paper and gift goodies.
G Lalo, lovely stationery for sending a note.

Did you know that cartonnage is a type of material that uses layers of linen or papyrus covered with plaster? It was first used in Egyptian funeral masks.

Must follow IG accounts if you are a paper freak.


Domino papers are marbleized or figured decorative paper used for wallpaper, end papers etc that are printed from blocks of wood and colored by hand. Some of today’s best domino papers are antoinettepoisson.com based out of Paris. These will make your heart swoon.

cannonbullock.com handmade papers based out of Washington State

paperdelights.com The shop Dixie and Annie popped in to visit for some paper pretties!

Dixie Stark