Episode 5 - Gardening Outside (and Inside!)

We talk all things green--as in, the garden: how clients can refresh their homes without resorting to new pillows, how to be a VERY amateur gardener, and channeling Carolyn Roehm, the godess of entertaining and gardening.

Show Notes!

Design Salvation Favorite Snack!!

Her latest book! Carolyne Roehm: Design and Style: A Constant Thread

Our favorite book! At Home with Carolyne Roehm

Annie’s inspo to be an amateur gardener was Pierre Berge. This is a good read! The Private life of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge

Annie’s Favorite and Seriously No - Fail Plants:

  • All-important Green Architecture:  Boxwood

  • Superstars: late winter and early spring: Camellia late spring: Weigela and peonies summer: any and all Hydrangea Fall: still Hydrangea

  • Hardy blooming filler inners that won’t embarrass you after blooming:  Nepeta Catmint (cut back for a rebloom), Scented Geraniums (these are pelargoniums NOT geraniums), Campanula, Hellebores

  • Trees for small spaces:  Columnar Apples

  • Trees with pretty canopies and blooms: Styrax Japanese Snowbells

  • Ground cover toughies that are doing better than my lawn: ellisiophyllum pinnatum and  Isotoma fluviatilis (blue star creeper) 

  • Bulbs that never quit: lilies

  • Roses that never succumb: groundcover roses (aka shrub roses)

  • Bring inside and outside plants:  Bay trees, Privet

Dixie Stark