Episode 9 - Annie’s Magic Scale Translates to Confidence

Dixie finally makes Sangria for today’s show. The two discuss their “always” color crushes while Annie tells her Skinny story with her magic scale that leads to confidence in design and faking it until you believe it.

Show Notes!

Dixie’s Delicious Sangria Recipe ( one pitcher)
Bottle of Spanish red wine - Ganache preferred
1/4 c Brandy
1/8 c Cointreau Liquor
One cut orange
Cup of cut strawberries and blackberries
Pour into pitcher and chill for 24 hours
When serving add one can of sparkling Fresca or your favorite Spanish Cava over ice

Cinnamon stick (optional) the Spanish always use them!

Garnish with a lime or orange slice on the side …. must have cute glasses and straws!

Dixie Stark